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The Holby Tempering Valve is rugged and built to last. Constructed entirely of bronze and copper, it is hydrostatically tested to a pressure of 300 pounds per square inch (psig)—and includes the following features:

  • Simple valve design. Removal and replacement of the valve’s three internal parts is so simple that it could literally be done blindfolded. While we do not recommend a blindfold, there is no other thermostatic mixing valve that can match our ease of service.
  • A long mixing chamber with vanes at an angle to the longitudinal valve axis, which allows a thorough mix of hot and cold water. The unusual length of the hydraulic thermostatic element assures effective surface contact with the water.
  • Large hot and cold water passages result in very low pressure drop through the valve.
  • Extraordinary length of the thermostatic element, which provides 15 to 20 times the number of corrugations found in the usual short thermostat. The total sensing element expansion is divided over these numerous corrugations, and the flexing of each is reduced to mere thousandths of an inch with resulting long life of the instrument.
  • Thermostatic element that is located inside the body of the valve, where hot and cold water streams are mixed. This element is immediately sensitive to water temperature changes, and makes proper corrections by opening or closing the valve’s hot and cold water inlets.
  • Heavy, non-ferrous tube where sensitive parts of the thermostatic element are sealed and protected from continuous water flow.
  • Thermostatic element action that moves the piston over hot and cold water openings. As the cold port modulates open, the hot port modulates closed: uniformly blending the hot and cold water and producing an even water temperature without change in flow rate. This action eliminates the building up of temperature in circulating systems when there is little or no hot water demand.
  • Valve sizes up to 4 inch allow high flow rates with a single valve resulting in installation and service savings over Hi-Low valve types and parallel Hi-Low valve configurations.

NOTE: The Holby Tempering Valve is not an anti-scald valve.

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