Product Code: Acorn 8141-SSLF

Price: $445.00

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Acorn 8141-SSLF

(Single Temp.)

Satinless steel lead free hose box.

With vacuum breaker and less door.

See details for more informaion

Stainless Steel Recessed Hose Box with Wall Flange (Single Temperature)

These Acorn Stainless Steel Recessed Hose Boxes are CUPC by IAPMO certified for U.S. and Canada. 

Boxes are designed for attractive service in both interior and exterior walls not subject to freezing. Recessed

design prevents accidents which are common to surface-mounted or protruding hose valves.


Hose Box is seamless construction, fabricated from 18 gage, type 304 stainless steel and is furnished with

four stainless steel clips for anchoring to the wall construction. Wall flange is

16 gage stainless steel polished to a satin finish. Flange is furnished with four corner tappings and screws for

anchoring to box.


Door is provided with Cam Cylinder Lock with two keys. Hinges are concealed type. Door can be easily

removed after opening by releasing hinge pins with a screwdriver.


Valve and Stop Body is cast bronze with exposed parts chrome-plated. Valve and Stop feature tamperresistant

lockshield bonnets and replaceable cartridges containing all wearing parts including the seat. The

body casting is gasketed where it joins the box and is securely anchored with stainless steel tamperresistant

screws. Supply inlet is 3/4" NPT female. Outlet is 3/4" male hose thread.


-SSLF stainless steel lead free option provides a rough finish, cast stainless steel valve body, stainless steel

stop assembly, stainless steel lockshield cartridge and meets the lead free requirements where the wetted

surface of this product contacted by water contains less than 0.25% lead. On models that include vacuum

breakers, a lead-free brass vacuum breaker is provided.


Screwdriver Stop in supply permits servicing the control valve without shutting down the water supply.

Vacuum breaker models prevent contamination of the potable water supply. Vacuum breakers are

atmospheric type and conform to the requirements of ASSE Standard 1011. Check local code authority for

vacuum breaker requirements.


Provide and install Acorn Recessed Hose Box model (specify model number) with Wall Flange. Box shall be

fabricated from 18 gage, type 304 stainless steel with satin finish exterior. Flange shall be 16 gage stainless

steel and be polished to a satin finish. Valve shall be cartridge-operated type with vandal-resistant

lockshield, removable loose key wheel handle and screwdriver operated Stop. Door shall be 16 gage satin

finish with removable hinge and Cylinder Lock.

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