Product Code: Acorn 8196

Price: $935.00

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Acorn/Whitehall 8196 Dialysis Box

One valve supply

PVC ball valve


Price Includes: 18 gage 316 Stainless Steel Recessed Dialysis Box 3-3/4" Deep

8-5/8" sq. interior and 10-1/2" exterior 304 stainless steel wall frame with optional

locking door, PVC ball valve(s) with viton seals, discharge hose bracket with

rubber grommets and 2-3/8" waste outlet.

Stainless Steel Recessed Dialysis Supply and Waste Box

Acorn Stainless Steel Recessed Dialysis Supply and Waste Boxes have been especially

designed for dialysis machines which utilize RO (reverse osmosis) and DI (deionized) water, mixed

with dialysate saline concentrate. This water is very corrosive and is commonly called "hungry

water", because it eats away steel, some stainless steels, cast iron, copper and brass metals

commonly used in supply and waste systems. There are two basic types of dialysis machines. One

mixes dialysate into the RO-DI water inside the machine and the other requires pre-mixed water.

When only one type is used, the single valve model is satisfactory. When both types are or may be

used, the two valve model is required.

Waste Box. All parts of the Box which come in contact with waste water are fabricated from type

316 stainless steel. All seams are continuous welded with a bead blast finish on the interior. The

welded hose bracket will hold two discharge hoses. Tailpiece waste connection is 2-3/8" O.D. plain

end. A stainless steel adjustable wall flange with satin finish is provided to cover space between wall

and box. Wall flange is securely anchored with Phillips head screws at each corner. Waste outlet can

be directly connected to 2" nominal size glass or plastic drainline with a mechanical coupling.

Door is provided with concealed hinge and Cam Cylinder Lock with Key Lock and two keys. Door can

be easily removed after opening by releasing hinge pins with a screwdriver. Door and wall flange

exterior surface is polished to a satin finish.

Valves and Fittings are PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Valves are ball type with EPDM seals and O-ring.

Each valve is furnished with a flushing nipple for installation in valve outlet when lines are flushed

into waste receptor. Optional stainless steel ball valve available.



Provide and install Acorn Recessed Dialysis Supply and Waste Box model (specify model number).

Box shall be fabricated from type 316 stainless steel with all seams continuous welded, and have a

satin finish. Wall flange shall be heavy gage, type 304 stainless steel with satin finish. Ball valve and

fittings shall be PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for corrosion-resistance with EPDM seals. Nipples shall be

provided for flushing of supply lines.


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